Thursday, February 21, 2008

Muslim terror suspects face court in Melbourne

Twelve Islamist terror suspects, led by one self proclaimed sheik Abdul Nacer Benbrika, are facing trial at the Victorian Supreme Court over alleged plans to conduct a violent jihad here in Australia. Members accused of being part of the terror cell are reported to have obtained material explaining how to make explosives, discussed the impact of a terrorist attack and one spoke of killing former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. All of the accused group have pleaded not guilty to a variety of charges, including being members of a terrorist organisation.

It has been reported that the group leader Benbrika told one of his fellow accused named Merhi that Muslims were allowed to pay back kuffur (infidels) for wrongs they commit against Islam. Benbrika is said to have told Merhi to have trust in Allah, to act as part of a group, not just killing “one, two or three” kuffur, but rather “do a big thing”. When Merhi questioned if by big thing he meant “like Spain?” (in reference to the 2004 Madrid terrorist attack that killed 191 people and injured more than 1800) Benbrika is reported to have replied “That's it.”

The trial continues.